Traveling With Your Dog

Traveling with a dog is every pet owner’s fantasy, but only a few can fulfill this dream. If you are thinking of traveling with your dog, first find out what is safe and comfortable for him. It is important to take care of their safety because if your pup does not feel comfortable with you on the trip, it is better to leave him alone at home.

Traveling With Your Dog

Here are some expert tips and advice to follow if you want to travel with your furry friend.

Pre-travel Requirements

Pay a visit to your vet first

Before embarking on any trip, it is important that you first visit your vet because the vet is the only person who can tell you if your dog is in good health and if he can travel or not. Furthermore, a vet can also provide you with the necessary documents that are essential for travel.

You can also ask your vet about essential vaccinations and blood tests before you travel according to the special requirements of your destination.

Gather all the necessary equipment

There are many types of equipment available on the market that can make traveling with your dog easy and comfortable. Necessary gadgets to include on your dog checklist are:

Dog food
Portable water bottle
Dog bed
Portable water feeder
Dog travel car seats
Dog leash
Poop bags
Tag and microchips

If your pup wanders away from you while traveling, he can easily get lost anywhere. But if your dog has any identity, it’s easy to track him down. You also need to ensure that your dog must wear a leash or collar along with his name and contact number.

In many countries, there are microchips available which are very useful for such a situation. Along with that, you should always have a recent photograph of your dog that you can use in an emergency.

Useful Tips For Different Mode Of Traveling With Your Dog

How to travel by car?

Traveling with your dog by car is not easy, especially if he is not used to car rides. First of all, you need to make your dog comfortable traveling by car. You can let him in and out of the car, so he is not afraid of a car ride. As soon as your pup is comfortable with the car, you can take him for short rides.

If your pup is prone to motion sickness, it is best to take him on an empty stomach on the trip. Similarly, make sure there is plenty of water available during the journey so that they stay hydrated. A portable water bottle can make serving the water easier.

A professional tip for a dog owner is that if you let your dog roam freely in the car, do not allow him to stick his head out of the car window, as this can be the source of injury. If you are traveling and keeping your dog in the crate, make sure your car is well ventilated so that he gets fresh air at all times.

If you are traveling by truck, never allow your dog to ride in the back of an open truck. If you have a small puppy with you, a pet travel seat can go a long way. If your children are also traveling with you, advise them not to tease your puppy during the trip.

Try to take frequent breaks during the trip so your pup can go to the bathroom. As you stop along the way, make sure you don’t leave your pup alone in the car. If necessary, you can leave it with a family member. If your dog did his business during the potty break, be sure to clean the area. For this, you can use poop bags.

How to travel by plane?

If you want to travel with your dog by plane, you need a health certificate. Most airlines have strict rules on travel policies, requiring a health certificate almost 10 days before traveling. Similarly, some airlines do not allow travel if your pet is less than 8 weeks old.

It is also your responsibility to consult your veterinarian before traveling by plane and see if tranquilizing your pet is a better option or not. Similarly, keep a close eye on the temperature of the flight, whether your dog is comfortable in it or not.

Different airlines have different services and rules. Some airlines have a rule that you can bring the crate on the flight, but it should be according to their size requirement. Similarly, some airlines only allow a dog to travel in cargo.

Before boarding the flight, always take your dog to the bathroom; many airports offer specific areas for pets. If you have a long flight, be sure to provide the dogs with ice cubes to keep them hydrated during the long flight.

Some puppies do not feel comfortable while traveling and suffer from anxiety.  You can take their bed during traveling, so they feel at home and do not suffer from anxiety. Many dog ​​beds are available in the market that are easy to use and can be carried for travel.

Traveling by Boat or Train

If you’ve planned to travel with your dog by train, first make sure your rail line allows dogs on board. This is because some rail lines have specific pet policies and only allow a few pets on a particular train. Traveling with your dog on the train is easy because it stops at various stations, and you can take your puppy for a walk or potty.

If you want to travel by boat, they have different policies. Some cruise lines only allow dogs in a private cabin, while some ships have kennel service on board. While leaving your dog in the kennel, make sure he is comfortable and fully vaccinated.

Final words

Traveling with your dog means fun, and this fun will be doubled if you are traveling with your dog. You just have to make sure you select the best way and follow the tips mentioned above to make traveling easy for you and your dog.

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