Board and Train Testimonials

Here are some testimonials. A full list of references is available upon request.

Kassidy F
Cannot recommend Ed enough!! Just do it. We rescued our dog, Bardi, a year ago and we were having trouble with her recall and manners. It got to a point where we were terrified she was going to get hit by a car because she wouldn’t come back to us. Ed changed all of that. We did a 2 week board and train with Ed and it was worth every penny!! He sent us daily updates via text message so we could see her progress every day. When we got Bardi back she was a completely different dog. She now walks so nicely on the leash, comes when called, and is overall a more confident and well-mannered dog. Bucks Dog Training is well worth the investment. We now have peace of mind and know our dog will always be safe.

Ace Rosenstein
Ed surpassed our highest expectations with our puppy, Charlie. When we engaged Ed, Charlie was approaching five months and we had little ability to control him. After the two week board and train program with Ed, Charlie Returned to our home as a well mannered, obedient, and full of personality member of our family. While a bit nervous that Charlie would lose his personality we were quickly surprised and delighted that his experience with Ed was nothing short of positive and effective. I would highly recommend Ed and Bucks Dog Training to anyone seeking a program such as theirs

If I could give 10 stars for Bucks dog training, I would! We adopted a 9-month-old chocolate lab in June. He was an absolute nightmare! I was even contemplating giving him away! I contacted bucks and was given Edward as my trainer. He immediately reassured me that our dog would be able to be trained. My dog would counter surf for food, jump all over me and anyone else who would come into the house, he would steal things and run away (including a steak knife from my dishwasher!!). We enrolled Marlin into a week intense board and train in July. It was worth every single penny! The facilities were impressive and so clean!! When we picked him up, he was like a totally new and improved dog! When I mean I couldn’t be happier with Edwards training, I MEAN I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER! When we picked him up we were told that there were 5 follow-ups if we needed a refresher. I used one, but it was Bc i couldn’t figure out my dog’s prong collar, so Edward came out no problem! If you need help with an unruly dog, like I did, without hesitation, CALL BUCKS AND REQUEST EDWARD!!! He’s the best!!


Jody Pascal
If you have been looking for an excellent dog trainer, search no more! Through a recommendation, my husband and I were lucky enough to find the very best…Ed Frebowitz, who is part of the team at Bucks Dog Training. Other than being such a nice person, his patient demeanor and skill was a great combination for our 5 month old Golden Retriever. After just one training session we enrolled Marlin in the 2 week board and train program. This was a wonderful decision, as Ed was his primary trainer and caregiver. While away Ed was in contact with us almost every day, with either a text, phone call or video. Upon Marlin’s arrival home, Ed spent as much time as we needed explaining and demonstrating the ways to maintain Marlin’s progress. Marlin now responds to commands and hand gestures, and also exhibits many positive behaviors. He’s still a frisky puppy but mostly calm and loving. Ed has been available to us with any questions we have and will provide several sessions for Marlin when needed. I can’t say enough about Ed and the experience he provided for our dog and for us. He’s a delight, so skilled, and has an obvious passion for his work. Like I said, search no more! 

Edward is without question the best dog trainer in the world. I had lost complete hope that my puppy Pierre would curb his horrible habits, including biting me and everything around him, but with Edward’s professional training over a two-week board and train, his genuine care, and positive reinforcement techniques, he trained Pierre to become the dog of my dreams. Edward takes a vested interest in his doggy clients, and continues to follow up as if my dog is a part of his family too. I am eternally grateful for Edward and would recommend him to anyone who wants the dog of their dreams! Thank you, Edward and Buck’s Dog Training! April 2020


Michael and Rebekah Gallant
Edward Frebowitz trained Hilde, our german shepherd puppy. When she first went to him, she was sweet-tempered but unfocused. We had difficulty getting her to recall reliably, and as a puppy, she lacked other basic skills. After a two-week board and train session with Edward, we got Hilde back better than ever. Her leash skills, short and long-distance recall and impulse control were incredible. Best of all she came back calmer and focused on her newfound obedience skills. Edward has stayed in touch with us and checked in on Hilde to make sure she is maintaining her training We couldn’t be happier with our experience with Edward.

Jen T.
Ed did a wonderful job on my puppies training session, yesterday. Ed answered any questions I had in regards to my 12-week old poodle puppies biting, any leash training, excitability, favorite toys, crate time, etc… I am very pleased with the service Ed was able to give my dog, Tink and myself. Thank you.

Rosemary M.
Edward is doing an excellent job! My dog is hard to handle but with Ed’s training tips and expertise, she is starting to settle down. I am having him come back soon and I highly recommend him!

Tiffany M.
Ed was great with our doggie, Duke. He really took the time to hear our story of adopting him and the things we wanted to work on. He is very knowledgeable and gave us many training commands and tools that we will absolutely use to help Duke become more comfortable in our home.

Laurie S.
I have used other dog trainers before and Ed is by far the best. He is patient, knowledgable and made sure that I had the tools to keep up the training when he finished the session. I will use him again and I highly recommend him.

Cara H.
I just recently adopted my first dog of my very own so I was a little nervous finding trainers that would work, but Ed was on time, friendly and picked up on things about my dog that just went over my head. He is super smart and finds things that will work for both you and your dog. He had me do some of the techniques so that I would be able to do them on my own with my dog. I would definitely recommend him to anyone!!


Brenda R.
What a great experience! My 4-year-old Boxer responded so well. We learned a lot too! Very reasonably priced and we’re very happy with the results. Aug 13, 2019

Keeli M.
Dog Training
Very professional, patient, and knowledgeable. I can’t wait to continue to work together to improve my dogs’ behavior! Jul 9, 2019

Beverly k.
Dog Training
This was such a positive experience! My dog is 6 1/2 years old and I had my doubts whether any obnoxious behaviors could be changed. I was so pleasantly surprised and Ed’s training was easy for me to continue. I would strongly recommend him to all of you! Jun 25, 2019

Kathy L.
Dog Training
So far we’ve only communicated by email but Edward has been very responsive to my questions very clear about what he does and what he can offer. He has given me advice on the phone about several topics which was very kind of him since we have not yet met. Mar 11, 2019