Balanced Dog Training – Board and Train Programs

Hello, I’m Edward Frebowitz. Head trainer at American Canine Coach and Buck’s Dog Training. My first dog was a Rottweiler named Elvis; after going through a board and train program with him, I became fascinated with training dogs. 

Training is a fantastic way to create a lifelong bond with your companion. As a dog trainer, my job is to teach dog owners how to communicate with their pup and to create structure for their dogs. My goal is to help my clients train their dogs to be great members of the family.

I love the process of training a young dog or puppy that knows very little, teaching them the skills and behaviors they need to know to become the dog you always wanted.

Our board and train program offers your dog the opportunity to learn all of the basic behaviors to be a life-long companion. From basic obedience to off-leash walking, our board and train program quickly balances your dog and trains them to listen.

Along with basic obedience, I also work with dogs that are fearful, suffer from separation anxiety, and even dogs that have bitten people, If you think your dog is untrainable or is having behavioral issues I can help. 

If you have any questions about my training or any other dog behaviors you would like to address, please feel free to call me at 609-800-0589. You can also send me a message.

If you are interested in a board and train program, please see this information page or give us a call.

Please check out our pictures of some of our graduates from our basic dog obedience training and board and train program.


Positive Reinforcement Training

I believe that every dog is unique and deserves to be trained humanly.  I use a positive treat based force-free training program specifically tailored to your dog and your lifestyle.

The American Kennel Club defines positive reinforcement dog training, or clicker training, “as a method that focuses on telling your dog when he is correct, instead of only pointing out what is incorrect.”

The reward can be food of different values. For instance, a high-value treat might be premium, chewy, soft dog treats and a low-value treat might be kibble. Rewards can also be toys, praise, petting, or play, as long as the dog is motivated to work for it.

For more information or to schedule an evaluation please give us a call at 609-800-0589 or send us an email.